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Book Designer software guide


Project management  
  Select album cover 
  Delete a project 
  Create versions from one single photobook 
  Order several books at once
Album making  
  Photos Selection 
  Add photo to a page 
  Add and edit text 
  Remove a photo from a page 
  Replace a photo on a page 
  Page template selection 
  Custom page layout (move and rotate photos) 
  Add a photo box 
  Add a text box 
  Photo overlapping 
  Spell checker 
  Alignment Guide (enable/disable) 
  Part lost in binding
Creative Effects  
 Introducing DECO elements
 Add a PhotoDECO
 Add a NameDÉCO
 Add a AbcDÉCO
 Add a Speech balloon
Page Handling  
  Photo Rotation on a page 
  Photo Border and Shadow 
  Page Background Color and Pattern
  Add and insert pages 
  Delete pages 
  Swap pages 
  NEW : Share your photobook pages on Facebook