My wedding photo book

By : Lucy

My wedding was one of the most significant event in my life. When John and I got married, a lot of our friends took pictures of this memorable day. It is only a few days later that I discovered all those great souvenirs.

I wanted to collect all those pictures in a beautiful wedding book.



First step was to ask my guests to share with me the pictures they took. This was essential in order to choose my favorite ones. Each and everyone posted their pictures on facebook in a special album that I have created. That way, I have been able to select the pictures I wanted for my book. For the pictures I wanted to display on a full page, I asked my friends to it by email. Indeed, Facebook pictures are resized and full page pictures need the highest resolution in order to have the best printing quality.


Creating my wedding book made me realize how important it was for me to share those precious moments with my friends and family. I therefore decided to export my album pages and sent the whole album to my friends using email and facebook.

I finalized designing the whole album and chose the leather cover in order to have an exceptionnal book.

wedding photo book
  • all the different pre-defined layouts available.
  • custom mode and all creative possibilities offered, allowing text-only pages.
  • the possibility to share the book by email or using Facebook.

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