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Par : Julien

In 2006, I spent my holidays in the United States with some friends and we decided to do a road trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. I decided to create a photo book to remember all the beautiful parks we went through and all the natural wonders we saw. I created a custom photo book and added all the content I needed to create a book that will remind us our road trip in the West.



I took lots of pictures of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas at dusk, but a friend of mine took stunning pictures. As soon as we were back home, we shared our pictures using Picasa, so anyone can pick up missing pictures. Picasa web was very useful to create a collaborative web album where my friends can interact and share their content.

So, I used some of my friend's pictures in my photo book.


I wanted to give a road trip design to my photo book. That was important for me to remember each steps of the journey, using some pages a bit like waypoints. The first step was to recreate the journey itself, and all the cities and parks we visited.

Google Maps allows the creation of real roadbooks, giving posibilities to add waypoints in just a few clicks. I easily created our journey in the western parks displaying all different steps and distances.

I was able to create the chapters of my photo book:

Day 1: Phoenix - Flagstaff – 146 mi
Day 2: Flagstaff – Grand Canyon – 78,5 mi
Day 3: Grand Canyon – Monument Valley – 181 mi
Day 4: Monument Valley – Page Lake Powell – 126 mi
Day 5: Page – Bryce – 155 mi
Day 6: Bryce – Zion 89 mi
Day 7: Zion Las Vegas – 168 mi

Moreover, I like adding maps : this is really helpful to localize a specific place and it makes you realize the distance you crossed. But Google Maps does not allow you to download maps. While browsing on the web I found websites offering maps that can be freely used.

I found a US Map to illustrate our trip.

I also scanned an old road map to create vintage backgrounds, especially for the "Route 66" part of the trip.


During this kind of trips, I like to keep notes of what I saw, where I went, and keep track of feelings and mood when entering a place.

I always have a very small notepad or use the recording feature of my phone. Then, it is very easy to retrive content from the Internet. I really need to comment a picture, especially when facing the Grand Canyon.

I found lots of informations using Wikipedia about Grand Canyon and how it evolved and also about other places we crossed like beautiful Sedona. Without text, pictures seem homeless and now, with the online encyclopedia, it is possible to illustrate and give life to pictures, creating a very special photo book.

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