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By : Nathan

I belong to an association and we cook together to learn, share and practise. We enjoy being together and by sharing, we improve a lot our cooking techniques. Last month, we decided to try recipes of our grand mothers. With people from various origin, we decided to try desserts we enjoyed when we were younger. We decided to create a book to sum up what we created, as a memory book of our work.



That was not easy to select one desert per person. Some requires high skills and the main problem was also to succeed! With people with origins from Canada, France, Portugal, Italy, Romania, .. that was quite a challenge.

Once decided, we created a todo list : gather recipes, buy ingredients, cook, take pictures and last but no least enjoy before creating the book.

Some had their recipes written on an old paper and we just had to copy this text. But for some people, we had to find the recipes on the Internet, and try to remember what was the trick our grandma used.

There are hundreds of websites available on the Internet to find a very precise recipe. That is really easy. We grabbed some recipes from Epicurious website and also from

We then created a word document with all recipes and were then ready to cook and create the book.


We prepared our desserts and took pictures of each one. We used natural light to avoid using the flash. Indeeed, using flash creates an artificial light that "burns" the picture. We used a tripod to avoid blur and took pictures without flash assistance. The only thing to check is the white balance, but after couple of tries, we found the good setting and we were OK.


That was the easiest part. We created an introduction, and then inserted one recipe on a double page. Using copy and paste, we easily inserted the content on the pages and then were able to drag and drop pictures to illustrate our book.

Each one was able to insert his own background and create his personnal page or highlighting the origin of the recipe. That was fun to find the origin of each dessert using wikipedia such as the "Tarte tatin" or the "Pasteis de Nata".

We used some of the backgrounds available and also used some of the pictures we took as background. We also inserted pictures of the kids as they really helped us. That brings another sense to this book : pass the tradition to our children. I think we did it right!

recipes photo book
  • Professionnal layouts that are really editable using custom mode
  • Insert captions to showcase the ingredients and emphasize cooking directions
  • Wide range of layout templates mixing large text zones or photo only layouts
  • Create a version with each cooker's name on cover

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