My Photo Book / Creating a portfolio

By : Julien

Here are some experiences and tips to create a portfolio the easy way.

My experience

1 – Preparing your photos and your shooting session.

Whatever the portfolio is about, pictures need to be perfect. This involves conditions when picture was taken: it is mandatory to have similar light conditions, and that angle and aperture settings are properly set. This is really important for objects like statues, paintings or any artistic creation. If the portfolio is about photos you took recently, it is important to let your creativity be the engine of your book : create themes is a good way to sort pictures together, even if those pictures were not shot at the same time. Image editing softwares can correct lots of things but the more you are prepared, the less work you will have to perform afterwards.

Also, those softwares can correct various possible defects caused by your camera or its lens such as a bad perspective, tones, and even white balance or many other settings if you are shooting in RAW mode. It is also possible to enhance a picture shot with a wide angle lens (where often, lines are not lines anymore due to the wide angle lens used) Then, when pictures are ready, it is possible to insert a watermark on pictures, using Photoshop for example.

2 – Creating professional layout.

The software can help you build your own layout. There are lots of templates that can be reused. ing my book

Step 1 : I used one or two predefined layouts that I edited. I think it is important to have lots of space around photos and texts, and that my book layout is simple. This brings uniformity to the book and this was something I was looking for. For other projects, it is possible to create whatever you want.

Step 2 : I re-used my own layout on the other pages, so to keep an harmony among pages.

3 – Sharing my book.

My book pages were shared to my friends by email. That is quick and the definition is good enough for a screen display. I also added this book to my Facebook wall. That was really easy.

photo book portfolio


  • The possibility to create in just a few clicks professional layouts.

  • Creating layouts you can re-use

  • The "add page number" feature and the intuitive chapter creation.

  • sharing your book using email or Facebook.

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