My photobook | my trip to Paris, France

By : Julien

I spent a week in France in 2010. We went to Paris and discovered the city. When I came back home, i decided to go for a Photobook. I found it very simple and flexible enough to add the content I wanted. As a travel book, I was able to add pictures, maps and the texts I wanted. This is very important for this kind of trip as once there, it is difficult to remember all the names and informations about each place you visit.

I took tons of pictures but it was difficult to focus on both pictures and travel guide to have explanations about the place visited. But I did it and my friends were quite impressed by the result.



I do not have a notepad to take notes about each place I visit. Lack of time is the main reason but this also requires a good organization. What I did, is that I went on the Internet to find the informations I needed. Wikipedia is my main source of content : I was able to find lots of resources about places I visited in france, and in Paris. I was able to retrieve when Notre Dame Cathedral was built and also documentation about the Eiffel tower or even content about beautiful Chenonceaux castle where we spent our last day during our trip.
Some official websites bring different highlights such as and gave me lots of information to illustrate my photo book.

I also needed some maps and I found someof them using different websites :
Maps of France
Maps of France and Paris


I took dozens pictures of the Eiffel tower but one of our friend took a very nice picture of the tower at dawn. Once back home, we shared our best pictures so each one can find missing pictures or use nice pictures of friends. I chose Picasa web as this is very easy to use. But another friend of mine used FlickR. We shared those online albums to retrieve some of the most beautiful pictures of our trip.

Also, it is sometimes possible to get free content using the web. This is quite useful when you visit a place with very bad weather for example. You can add a nice picture instead of a foggy view fron the top of the Eifel tower for example. Just check the image license. Many pictures can be used for non commercial use, which is perfect in my case.

travel photo book : Paris
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